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    "Kaya means body, Kalp is re-doing,
    Ancient Kaya-Kalp is sacred;
    Let it reverse the aging process,
    Enjoy mobile massage."
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    "Let us heal and awaken,
    Our mind body & soul;
    With a sacred touch,
    Full of conscious energy all day."


Your soul is precious and priceless; it needs a healthy, fresh, energetic body.

‘sacredbody’ is a unique therapeutic mobile massage service which adopts a personalised holistic approach specially designed for your optimum well-being.

After many years of experience and training, we have emerged as a unique and highly professional holistic mobile massage service. Which embodies the ethos of ancient healing wisdom primarily, based on the Ayurvedic holistic health and healing technique. The ancient Indian Ayurvedic holistic health system has an integrative approach to the mind, body and spirit, with a view of treating the whole person rather than just their symptoms.

Get rejuvenated and embrace life to your very best by awakening your senses with tender care by our skilled professional therapists using organic sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil. Their voice, their attitude, their attire and their touch will take you to a refreshing sojourn by balancing of universal body elements for an everlasting ceremony of personal care and vigor.

You will love yourself for the supreme feeling, that, your body is sacred. Again and again, you will like to reinvigorate with London’s most admirable acquaintance called ‘sacredbody’.


Enjoy a pampered body, heavenly vibes and natural harmony all at an affordable cost unparalleled in London with a ‘sacredbody’ holistic massage. Select the special 'sacred' package of your choice to enjoy a blissful well-being experience 'par excellence'.

Karma - sacredbody London



  • Mind & Body Healing
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish
  • Aromatherapy
Nirvana - sacredbody London



  • Mind & Body Healing
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish
  • Aromatherapy
Sampurna - sacredbody London



  • Mind & Body Healing
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish
  • Aromatherapy

Sacred Treatments

In today’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, we are here to help you re-discover the art of therapeutic massage for a relaxing cosmic blast of energy in your body. Like an enlightened soul in the temple, our treatments will emit positive energy that will attract health and happiness into your life.

Mind Body Healing Massage - sacredbody London

Mind & Body

The Mind and Body Healing Massage is part of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic holistic health system with its integrative approach to the mind, body and spirit, and philosophy of treating the whole person rather than just their...

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Deep Tissue Massage - sacredbody London

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage employs advanced techniques aimed at repairing the body's deeper muscle and fascia also known as the connective tissue. The massage movements are similar to those used in Swedish massage but with...

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Swedish Massage - sacredbody London


Developed in the early 1800’s by Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling, Swedish massage is a combination of Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Greek massage techniques together with his own exceptional knowledge of physiology, anatomy...

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Corporate massage booking - sacredbody London


Take this opportunity to honour your employees in a way that allows your workforce to thrive and prosper.

Awaken your workforce's boundless potential and bring the presence of divine love and grace into your organisation with a ‘sacredbody’ work place massage.

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Meet our Therapist

You will find all our therapists have delightful and charming personalities and will make sure your massage is a unique and wonderful experience. They are all experts in their chosen field and your well-being is their ultimate goal. Our therapists are specially hand-picked for their unique style, talent and skill to provide you with a holistic massage experience second to none to awaken your divine senses.

How to prepare for

Your Holistic Massage

We advise that you stop working at least 30 minutes prior to your treatment so you can make the most of and thoroughly enjoy your ‘sacredbody’ massage. Whether you are at home or work, it is important to create a peaceful calm environment. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes, play soft relaxing music and if possible allow a subtle fragrance to permeate the room by way of flowers, candles or an aroma oil diffuser.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after treatment. You will be asked to complete a short consultation form beforehand. Please inform the therapist if you are pregnant, have any medical conditions or allergies to allow them to personalize your treatment accordingly.

Prepare for Holistic Massage - sacredbody London

Service Hours

  • Open every day
    08:00 - 20:30 (GMT)
  • Each therapist has their own schedule
    (depending on the postcode)
  • (Christmas & New Year's day closed)