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Sacred Treatments

In today’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, we are here to help you re-discover the art of therapeutic massage for a relaxing cosmic blast of energy in your body. Like an enlightened soul in the temple, our treatments will emit positive energy that will attract health and happiness into your life.

Couple Massage - sacredbody London


Four Hand Massage - sacredbody London

Four Hand

Mind & Body Healing Massage - sacredbody London

Mind & Body

The Mind and Body Healing massage is part of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic holistic health system with its integrative approach to the mind, body and spirit, and philosophy of treating the whole person rather than just their...

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Deep Tissue Massage - sacredbody London

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage employs advanced techniques aimed at repairing the body's deeper muscle and fascia also known as the connective tissue. The massage movements are similar to those used in Swedish massage but with...

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Swedish Massage - sacredbody London


Developed in the early 1800’s by Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling, Swedish massage is a combination of Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Greek massage techniques together with his own exceptional knowledge of physiology, anatomy...

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Workplace Massage - sacredbody London


There is a good reason why on site workplace massage services, where trained therapists regularly come to your place of work, are becoming more and more popular. It's because of the tremendous value and benefit they provide to...

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Reflexology Massage - sacredbody London


Reflexology is a complementary health treatment where a therapist applies pressure to specific points, usually on the feet (but they can also be on the hands and ears) that correspond to different parts, organs and glands...

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Champi Massage - sacredbody London


Indian head massage based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic holistic healing system and practied for over 5000 years, it helps restore balance, harmony and health to the mind, body and spirit. It can be used to soothe, relax or...

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Facial Massage - sacredbody London


A facial massage is not just a deeply pleasurable and sensual experience, it is also extremely good for the skin, incredibly relaxing and detoxifying. The treatment employs multiple massage techniques that work together to...

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Thai Masaage - sacredbody London


This ancient eastern therapeutic massage technique allows your body to calibrate to its natural equilibrium while restoring energy flow throughout the whole body. Deeply rooted in Ayurvedic medical practice, this is a full...

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Aromatherapy - sacredbody London


Aromatherapy massage is a massage treatment where therapeutic essential oils are carefully introduced by the therapist into the massage oil. These essential oils are derived from flowers, herbs, plants, trees and even spices...

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Sports Massage - sacredbody London


A technique that is addressed back to the primeval greek, Sports massage is a sacred technique which entails the manipulation of soft body tissues to assist a person engaged in regular physical activity. This practice improves...

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Sports Massage - sacredbody London

Energy Healing

The Energy Healing Massage is a blend of healing and therapeutic touch that relaxes the mind and body, removing the blocks that accumulate in our energy fields through stress, trauma, fear and anxiety - restoring us to our...

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Holistic Massage - sacredbody London

Holistic Massage

A term that presents Complementary and Alternative Massage (CAM) as a personal development technique is the “Holistic Massage”. The connection between mind and body holds apparent threads of memories. These memories generate...

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How to prepare for

Your Holistic Massage

We advise that you stop working at least 30 minutes prior to your treatment so you can make the most of and thoroughly enjoy your ‘sacredbody’ massage. Whether you are at home or work, it is important to create a peaceful calm environment. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes, play soft relaxing music and if possible allow a subtle fragrance to permeate the room by way of flowers, candles or an aroma oil diffuser.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after treatment. You will be asked to complete a short consultation form beforehand. Please inform the therapist if you are pregnant, have any medical conditions or allergies to allow them to personalize your treatment accordingly.

Prepare for Holistic Massage - sacredbody London

Service Hours

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  • Each therapist has their own schedule
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  • (Christmas & New Year's day closed)